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Surgical Support

1. The SPRINK system was developed in order to assure wound cleaning throughout surgery. The cleaning liquid is sprinkled using sterile air which can be adjusted using a pressure reducing valve. Suction occurs through the vacuum of the suction unit on the reservoir for intra operative blood recovery
2. A vascular Tourniquet or snare for use in a surgical procedure where it is desired to limit or restrict flow through a body vessel or to secure a tube within such vessel. The tourniquet or snare consists of an elongate sheath through which a rigid retractor extends.
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Tratamiento de la insuficiencia cardiaca Heart Failure Management
Enfermedad cardiaca congénita Structural Heart Disease
Vascular Vascular
Válvulas Cardíacas Biológicas Tissue Heart Valves
Válvulas Cardíacas Mecánicas Mechanical Heart Valves
Cardiopulmonar Cardiopulmonary
Chest Drainage Chest Drainage
Soporte Quirúrgico Surgical Support
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