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Chest Drainage

1. The ROME P.A.S autotransfusion system (Cardiopulmonary Post-operative Autotransfusion System) was optimised in order to respond to the specific needs relative to the recovery of blood from cardiosurgical wound drainage following an operation.
2. Venice is a device specifically optimized for cardio-thoracic post-operative care by adult and pedriatic use. Among other things can re-establish and maintaining the physiological gradient of intrathoracic pressure, complete pulmonary re-expansion in order to restore normal respiratory dynamics and drain by gravity and by suction control.
3. The Pneumectomy Balanced Drainage is a surgical procedure to remove a lung. Removal of just one lobe of the lung is specifically referred to as a lobectopmy, and that of a segment of the lung as a wedge resection (or segmentectomy). This technique produces the best long-term survival rates for this serious and fatal disease.
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