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Products of Cardiac and Vascular Surgery and Traumatology.

Vitacor Medical is a medical company dedicated to the supply of equipment, prostheses and medical devices.

Currently, our market is based primarily on Vascular Therapy ( Cardiac Surgery, Vascular Surgery, Hemodynamics... ) as well as on a very complete line of Traumatology.

Vitacor Medical is characterized not only by the quality of its product, but also because we keep expanding our field of action in other applications to provide a more complete service to our customers at all times.

We are a dynamic and competent team which considers a different approach to the vascular surgery market.

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St Jude Medical
Tratamiento de la insuficiencia cardiaca Heart Failure Management
Enfermedad cardiaca congénita Structural Heart Disease
Vascular Vascular
Válvulas Cardíacas Biológicas Tissue Heart Valves
Válvulas Cardíacas Mecánicas Mechanical Heart Valves
Cardiopulmonar Cardiopulmonary
Chest Drainage Chest Drainage
Soporte Quirúrgico Surgical Support
Vitacormedical. S.L. C.I:F: B15945819